FREE Lessons to all Children

(Ages 5 to 14, new enquiries only)



To claim two FREE lessons either click on the link below to book free lessons via elmail or contact Head instructor Matt Snell directly (details below). 


We guarantee that your child will have fun and learn something new from their very first lesson.

Plus if you like our classes we would also like to offer your child a


FREE Karate Suit, groin guard, karate belt, sticker book and membership card when they join.


You have nothing to lose and so much your child could gain. Come and let your child try FREE lessons in Kenpo with us.


Feel free to come and watch a lesson first with your child or come and ask us and other parents there about our lessons. Hope to see you soon.


Kind regards

Matt Snell

Click here for adult special offer

Note website is now flamingfistkenpo.co.uk

Matt Snell - Head Instructor of Countess Wear Academy 


If you have any questions or wish to know more contact Matt Snell by

email at FLAMINGFISTKENPO@YAHOO.COM or telephone Matt Snell direct on 01392 253622


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