Flaming Fist Camp 2018

May 5, 2018

The dust has finally settled, after what I can say was personally the best camp I have had the pleasure of running.  Another great line of instructors, joined by a massive group of like-minded people, all looking at improving themselves, their skills and their knowledge.


Also, for the first time we added in a children’s section of seminars. These were outstanding and a definite highlight for me, to see our youngest students having so much fun.


People attended from many parts of the world, Greece, Holland, Germany, United States, Jersey, Denmark, Guernsey, Ireland, Belgium and of course England. However far they travelled they all brought their love of the martial arts and enthusiasm with them.


We had a great combination of seminars and workshops. The feedback on the workshops has been great and more black belts have stepped forward and requested workshop slot for next year, so we may have to extend that section. Each workshop focused on a different aspect and idea behind our training. To me a small nugget of information or idea is far more useful than doing a technique in a new way. As you can use that information and review your training as a whole.


Some examples the seminars and workshops are;


Look at what your attacker can do next from where they are after your first initial movement. Don’t just expect them to stand there and do nothing.


Mr Parker stressed move the target. Twist and turn your body away from the attack before you move your feet. In that way you are already in motion.


Look at the different ranges of contact and how they change before, during and after each movement you make. What weapons fit into that range, and how you move into and out of the different ranges.


How simple one man attacking techniques can be changed to deal with more than one attacker. Altering the targets to ensure that each attacker receives a devastating move.


Quick target recognition training, also looking at close up striking and range.

For the children’s sessions;


Teaching the children, its ok to have fun while training. They really enjoyed striking an adult instructor.


Would this work in the school yard? Examine a scenario and see what your response could be.


How do you get another child off of you if you are on the floor? How to hold an attacker as they push you down.


And many, many more.


It was really great to see all these ideas flowing out of the instructors. I wish we had more time. I am looking forward to next years camp already. I will upload more details when I have them.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at flamingfistkenpo@yahoo.com. Thank you for everyone efforts – Salute Matt Snell.



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