Whatever the attitude, so is the response!

February 19, 2015

“Whatever the attitude so is the response.”


All students should practice in the most realistic way that they can.  You must remember that you are learning a Self Protection system and you should feel confident that you could defend yourself BEFORE any conflict ever occurs.


When you perform a technique with a partner, you should think about what effects your moves, checks, blocks or strikes are going to have on your opponent.  If your moves are not done with utter conviction they could be ineffective and that could be fatal for you.


When being the attacker for another student within the class try to make it almost real.  That is to make it as real as possible without inflicting injury.  As the attacker, if you step through with roundhouse punches while talking about the weather or looking off into the distance you are not creating a realistic attack and your partner will just be “going through the motions”.  You need to stare into your partner’s eyes before and during the attack. You as the defender should almost feel as though you are in a conflict situation.  Again we should still train safely and not inflict injury on each other but at the same time it must be as realistic as possible.


Otherwise the first time you are forced to protect yourself you may be unprepared for the ferocity and forcefulness of the real conflict.  If you train with a positive and realistic attitude you and your training partner will soon come to know the power of your Kenpo and you will gain the confidence in your ability so know that if it came down to actual conflict you do have it within you to protect others you care for or yourself.


Be alert, and stay safe!


Written by Matt Snell – 6th degree black belt



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