Five Star Block Set - helpful hints.

February 10, 2014

Although the Five Star Block Set is a beginner’s set and only has a handful of moves compared to the later forms, this set is the foundation of a student’s ability to block and is therefore probably one of the most useful things you can really study and improve on.


This set employs the outer rim theory. In this instance it's an elliptical egg that encompasses the top of your head, outside of your shoulder, underneath your groin, your other shoulder and so on. 




Upward Block - The upward block travels upwards on your centre line and twists at your face to end up in the final position, forwards and above your head. The common mistake here is the path of travel not progressing upwards on the centre line and the final position not actual having your wrist covering your centre line above your head. Also the block should be outwards from the body and angled at 45 degrees.


Inward Block - The inward block when transitioned from the upwards block, usually tends to be over twisted. If you hold a training knife in your hand, with the blade pointing downwards below your little finger while practicing this move, the motion is a stabbing motion, forwards at a 45-degree angle. If you are over twisting the inward block the blade will be pointing towards you at this point. 


More to follow..............................




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