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This section is to be a guide and aid to your training.  Email your question to and the good ones will be posted here to aid others in their training.

To increase my own skill what should I focus on most?

There are three principles you should employ to any new movement/motion you practice.


1.  Accuracy: Ability to hit a target of your choosing.

2.  Speed: Using the motion speed of movement to quickly complete your action.

3.  Power: To employ the correct power principles to the movement you are doing. Remember power generated by you is directional, gravitational or rotational.


These principles should be applied in this order.


If we use this to analyse a strike. If you can't hit the target it won't matter how fast or how powerful you are. This is why accuracy comes first.


If you are accurate but lack physical speed you may get hit before you can hit the target you are aiming at. If you have accuracy to hit your target, speed so you are faster than your opponent but you then lack the power to cause damage, then all you will do is enrage your opponent more.


That's why we add power as the final component in our Kenpo Machine (you!).

When practicing my forms what should I focus on most?

There are three things you should always focus on.


Basics       Basics      Basics


Look at your stance (base) - No stance, no chance. Make sure you have a solid base/foundation from which to execute your movements.


Look at your posture. Ensure you have the lowered your centre of gravity but have an upright carridge.


Look at the angles of delivery of your blocks or strikes and examine the methods of execution you are employing in your movement.


Look at the attack you are defending against and make sure your strikes are to the correct target in height and depth of action.


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