Stranger Danger

What does your child know about staying safe?


Which ones of the follow statements applies to your child?


I know my full name [first, middle and last] address and telephone number.


I know how to dial 999 for emergencies, and that I can use any phone to dial 999 without

using any money.


I know not to play in isolated areas or to take short cuts through dangerous or deserted

areas such as woods or waste ground.


I know to always to walk and play in groups. I always practise the “Buddy System”

and that there is safety in numbers.


I know to always to let my parents know where I am going.


I know that a stranger is anyone, man or woman who is not known by me.


I know not to go with strangers and to run away from them when approached.


I know to never to accept sweets, food, and money or anything from a stranger.


If someone I know, a friend or a neighbour asks me to come into his/her house or to go somewhere with them, I know to ask mum or dad first.


I know to walk on the right facing traffic so that I can see if a car stops near me.


I know never to approach a car or van with strangers, never to help a stranger with

directions, fix their car, find their lost pet or to take my picture.


I know never to accept a ride from a stranger.


I know if a stranger is following me, instead of hiding in bushes or behind a building,

I know to go to a place where there a people and ask for help.


I know to keep at least two arms lengths away from a stranger when walking.


I know, that even though I may see and recognise certain people, like the postman, ice cream van driver, newspaper person etc. These people are considered strangers to me and I should never go with them without permission from my mum/dad.


I know I have the right to feel safe and I know whom I can trust to talk to if I am not feeling safe.


I know to call home when I get to my friend’s house, shopping etc., and to call when I am on my way home and to always come home before it gets dark.


I know that if I get lost in a store or shopping centre, I will go straight to a till or checkout or security person.


I know my three rules if I find myself in a dangerous situation.





Bullying at school staying safe


We all know that bullying goes on in every school but it’s the way it’s dealt with which makes the difference between life being tolerable and a misery.


If you are being bullied, tell a friend, tell a teacher and tell your parents. It won’t stop

unless you do.


Try to stay in safe areas of the school at break time where there are plenty of other people.


If you are hurt at school, tell a teacher immediately and ask for it to be written down.


On the school bus, try to sit near the driver, or if it’s in an ordinary bus, by other adults.


If you see anyone else being bullied at your school you must tell someone about it. 



For lots more information

download this Word document

and help your child stay safe!

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